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Fredericton After School Programs Come enjoy TaeKwonDo at Fredericton's Newest neighbourhood family Martial Arts Centre! Children, Teens, Adults and Seniors - everyone can benefit from this great exercise and learn useful self-defence skills at the same time. (we have students from 5 years old to 62 years.) We have an After School Program,and Students who attend our Summer Camps are given priority for the After School Program. We also have evening classes, all with black belt instruction!
                              Summer Camps


It's fun and healthy exercise for girls and boys, men and women (and we have special family rates, too) Give us a call, or better yet, drop in and see our new centre! Everyone is welcome! We are conveniently located at 440 Kimble Dr Near the new Middle School (506) 206-0595 Open Monday through Friday with lots of free Parking!

S.K.Lee's TaeKwonDo Academy

Super Early Special

Register now for After School Program and we will waive the $50 registration fee or receive a free TaeKwonDo uniform.

World TaeKwonDo Federation

After School Program

Need an After School Program. S.K. Lee's After School Program is the place to be for your child. To Register Please Call 206-0595. Spaces are Limited.

S.K.Lee's is Certified by the World TaeKwonDo Headquarters

Master Lee & Family

Master Lee & Family
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S.K. Lee's TaeKwonDo Academy & After School Program
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